Compensatory Afforestation (CA) Activities

    Publish Date: March 17, 2022
    Compensatory Afforestation
    1. It is a mandatory part and the money received for Compensatory Afforestation is to be used as per site specific scheme approved by MoEF&CC/State Government while sanctioning the case under Forest Conservation Act, 1980. CA should be done on approved CA sites in each case approved by MoEF&CC, Government of India.
    2. In any special circumstances, if approved CA sites are not available for plantation, the approved CA sites be changed by the Government of India, MoEF&CC, Northern Regional Officer, Chandigarh.
    3. Maintenance for 5 years old plantations are being done by the Department using the money received from CAMPA fund.

    According to CAMPA Rules, 2018, there are following three parts for which various activities are being carried out from the CAMPA fund:-

    1. Compensatory Afforestation (CA) which includes Site-specific activities approved by MoEF&CC as CA and other related works.
    2. Net Present Value (NPV) which includes other than CA plantation works in various models, improvement of Habitat of Wildlife in protected areas, Infrastructure Development, construction of building for frontline staff, Soil and Moisture Conservation, training of Frontline Staff and Forest Seed Development activities, etc.
    3. Interest part which includes deployment of Staff as well as a regular and contractual basis for day to day working of CAMPA. Office expenses which include the purchase of office equipments and stationary etc. Offset of incremental Cost of CA activities at increased wage rate, hiring of cars for use of officers of CAMPA, hiring of building on lease for office establishment and residence of officers.