Steering Committee

    Section 11 (2) of the CAF Act,2016 provides for the constitution of the Steering Committee of the State Authority. The Steering Committee of the State CAMPA, State Authority has been constituted vide Notification No 4714-Ft-1-2018/16979 Chandigarh Dated the 22-11-2018 and it consists of the following members with the Chief Secretary, Haryana as its Chairperson.

    Steering Committee of the State Authority

    1. Chief Secretary, Haryana : Chairperson
    2. Administrative Secretary, Revenue Department, Haryana : Member
    3. Administrative Secretary, Finance Department, Haryana : Member
    4. Administrative Secretary, Planning Department, Haryana : Member
    5. Administrative Secretary, Environment Department, Haryana : Member
    6. Administrative Secretary, Rural Development Department, Haryana : Member
    7. Administrative Secretary, Agriculture Department, Haryana : Member
    8. Administrative Secretary, Panchayati Raj Department, Haryana : Member
    9. Administrative Secretary, Science and Technology Department, Haryana : Member
    10. Administrative Secretary, Forest Department, Haryana : Member
    11. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (HoFF), Haryana : Member
    12. Chief Wildlife Warden, Haryana : Member
    13. Nodal Officer, Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, Haryana : Member
    14. Head, Regional Officer of MoEF&CC, Chandigarh : Member
    15. Chief Executive Officer, State Authority : Member

    Powers and functions of Steering Committee of State Authority.

    The steering committee of a State Authority shall

    1. scrutinize and approve with such amendments as it may deems fit and proper the annual plan of operations prepared by the executive committee of such State Authority and send the same to the executive committee of the National Authority for final approval;
    2. monitor the progress of the utilization of funds released from the State Fund;
    3. review reports on decision taken by executive committee including investment decisions;
    4. approve, subject to prior concurrence of the State Government, proposals formulated by the executive committee for creation of posts in the State Authority;
    5. approve annual report of the State Authority and send the same to the State Government to lay it, each year, in each House of the State Legislature; (vi) ensure inter-departmental coordination.

    The steering committee of a State Authority shall meet at least once in every three months.

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