Net Present Value (NPV)

    The money received towards Net Present Value deposited in the State Fund shall be used in the following manner. Not less than eighty percent of the monies shall be used for following activities for the Forest and Wildlife Management in the State:-

    1. Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR)
    2. Artificial regeneration
    3. Silvi-cultural operation in forests
    4. Protection of plantations and forests
    5. Pest and disease control in forest
    6. Forest fire prevention and control operations
    7. Soil and Moisture Conservation (SMC) works in the forest
    8. Voluntary relocation of villages from protected areas
    9. Improvement of wildlife habitat as provided in the approved wildlife management plan or working plan
    10. Planting and rejuvenation of forest cover on non-forest land falling in wildlife corridors
    11. Establishment, operation and maintenance of animal rescue centre and veterinary treatment facilities for wild animals
    12. Supply of wood-saving cooking appliances and other forest produce saving devices in forest fringe villages as specified by the National Authority from time to time

    Not more than twenty percent of the monies referred to in sub-rule (1) shall be utilized for strengthening of the forest and wildlife-related infrastructure, capacity building of the personnel involved in utilization of State Fund namely: –

    1. establishment, up-gradation and maintenance of modern nurseries and other planting stock production facilities for production of quality planting materials
    2. promoting conservation, sustainable use, and documentation of biological diversity including preservation of habitats, conservation of land and folk varieties and cultivars, domesticated stocks and breeds of animals and micro-organisms, and chronicling of knowledge relating to biological diversity
    3. purchase and maintenance of equipment or devices used for communication and information technology for the purpose of protection of forest and wildlife
    4. construction, up-gradation, and maintenance of inspection paths, forest roads in forest area, fire lines, watch towers, check posts and timber depots
    5. construction of residential and official buildings in forests for front line staffs deployed for protection of forest and wildlife;
    6. casual engagement of local people or labours to assist regular staff of State Forest Department for works for protection of forest and wildlife undertaken from State Fund;
    7. survey and mapping of forest areas for forest fire control, Compensatory Afforestation works, soil and moisture conservation, catchment area treatment and wildlife management for preparing annual plans to be executed from the State Fund;
    8. independent concurrent monitoring and evaluation and third party monitoring of various works undertaken from State Fund;
    9. publicity-cum-awareness programme and exhibition on the various schemes being implemented by the State Authority from State Fund;
    10. production and distribution of quality planting material through certified nurseries at subsidized price for promotion of trees outside forests on Government lands promoted by State Government;
    11. forest certification and development of certification standards