Forest & Wildlife Department Gurugram Project

    Gurugram Project

    Location / Project Site (State)-

    In the endeavor to conserve soil and moisture, 3 ponds have been dug at Rojka Gujjar in the area notified under sections 4 &5 of Punjab Land Preservation Act,1900.

    1. Surya Mandir Johar, Rojka Gujjar
    2. Kankar wala Johar. Rojka Gujjar
    3. 3.Bada Mandir Johar, Rojka Gujjar

    Latitude Longitude of Project Site-

    • 1.28021’00.7”N, 77008’06.2”E
    • 2.28018’54.5”N, 77008’55.7”E
    • 3.28019’37.1”N, 77008’39.0”E

    Useful stats and facts about the region

    The work was started in the year 2020-21. After a hydrological assessment, suitable sites were selected for ponds to have an optimum location for the purpose of storage of runoff during the rainy season and ground water done.

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